Our attorneys with insurance experience bring to the table a combined 76 years of expertise to offer our clients. Ed Fleming, Belinda de Kozan, Todd Harris and Matt Bush have successfully handled an extensive array of insurance claims on behalf of condominium associations, businesses, and individuals following the devastating series of hurricanes on the Gulf Coast in 2004 and 2005, including Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis. The vast majority of these claims were resolved without the necessity of protracted litigation and trial, in large part due to the experience of our attorneys in securing and working with top-notch professionals in support of our clients, including professional engineers, architects, and construction experts. Spearheading the efforts of these professionals, as well having a keen understanding of the manner in which to organize and present the details of these insurance claims, is essential to obtain favorable results. These efforts combined with our skills in negotiation, and our preparedness and willingness to take a case to trial as may be in the best interests of our clients, helped to drive cases to resolution prior to trial in nearly every case.

Belinda de Kozan began her career more than twenty-five years ago in a firm specializing in insurance disputes and has analyzed insurance policies in a variety of different contexts, including automobile and personal injury, property losses, hazard, and business concerns. She has experience in personal injury matters and has represented thousands of clients over the past quarter century, including both those with serious injury and wrongful death claims as well as individuals and businesses with personal injury claims against them. Belinda also handles insurance matters that may arise in the fields of guardianship and probate cases. As an attorney, she has obtained numerous multi-million judgments and settlements. As a mediator, she has mediated hundreds of cases involving disputes involving insurers and insureds. Ed and Belinda have litigated wrongful death claims related to aviation accidents and have worked with highly-accomplished experts skilled in analyzing data as part of the successful resolution of these challenging cases.

Ed, Belinda, and Todd are also called upon by business owners and insurance carriers to provide opinion letters about policy coverages and to litigate those issues when coverage is in dispute. Ed, Todd and Matt have obtained multi-million judgments and settlements against insured parties and sureties on construction defect claims on behalf of owners. They also have successfully defended clients faced with the potential of excess or uninsured claim exposure, and have litigated declaratory judgment actions to establish coverage for the benefit of their clients. Insurance disputes may arise in a wide variety of circumstances, and our experienced attorneys are prepared to vigorously represent our clients in these insurance matters.

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