Our goal is to assist you in planning for your own benefit and protection as well as the benefit and protection of your family or others. We know how good planning can impact an inheritance so it will be a blessing and not a curse.

Planning for your Protection

Who will take care of you and your property if you lose your capacity? Planning for the possibility of incapacity is important and the decisions you make (or fail to make) can significantly affect not only but also your family. For instance, you can specify who you will authorize to be your agent manage your property, and doing so might avoid bickering or fighting between your children. You can also specify who you will authorize to make healthcare decisions for you if you become incapable of making them for yourself.

Planning for your Demise – Wills and Trusts

Our estate attorneys seek to meet the needs of clients of all financial levels, from the simplest of estates to the most complicated. Wills and trusts are often an important and necessary part of an estate plan that ensures your property will be distributed to the persons you prefer in the manner you prefer.

A trust is, in essence, a contract under which a trustee agrees with you to hold property for the beneficiary you specify. Trusts can be useful for protecting a beneficiary from themselves (if they might be prone to waste the property inherited from you) or from others (because a beneficiary’s interest may be protected from their creditors or from a divorcing spouse). These are only some of the reasons for leaving property for someone in trust. Many other reason also exist, including to achieve favorable gift, estate, and generation-skipping transfer tax planning.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling sophisticated planning techniques and know the importance of estate planning instruments that are clear, unambiguous, and yet flexible to accommodate changed circumstances (if that is a concern). They also understand how estate planning techniques and strategies may assist in protecting your property from creditors’ claims.

Charitable Gifts and Planning and Formation of Charitable Organizations and Trusts

If you are philanthropic or want to benefit a particular charitable organization, we are experienced in helping clients plan and implement such gifts. We also have experience in formation and maintenance of tax exempt organizations and trusts and can consult to you about how to qualify for tax exempt status (e.g., Section 501(c)(3) organizations).

An Estate Attorney For You And Your Family

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