Florida Supreme Court declines Pensacola’s appeal in Fish House lawsuit


            Today the Florida Supreme Court entered an order declining to hear any further appeal by the City of Pensacola in the Fish House lawsuit.  The lawsuit stemmed from the City’s claim that Seville Harbour was in default of its lease with the City for failing to pay the full amount of lease fees due under the agreement.  Great Southern Restaurant Company, the owner of the Fish House, is a sub-sublessee on the property.  Escambia Circuit Judge J. Scott Duncan previously ruled that Seville Harbour was not in default of the lease agreement, owed no additional lease fees to the City, and had properly renewed the lease agreement for an additional thirty (30) years.  The City appealed that ruling to the First District Court of Appeal.  When the First District upheld Judge Duncan’s ruling, the City sought review by the Florida Supreme Court. 

            Seville Harbour attorneys Todd Harris and Ed Fleming were pleased with the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling.  “The City has nowhere left to go.  This brings the case to a close as to everything except the amount of fees owed by the City to Seville Harbour,” said Harris.  “For the good of everyone – especially the citizens of Pensacola – we hope the City will get the fee issue resolved quickly,” said Fleming.

             Click here to view the Supreme Court Order.